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May 24,2024
China Youth Daily Client Beijing, April 8th (China Youth Daily China Youth Daily reporter Zhou Wei) The reporter learned from the 10th Beijing Great Print Exhibition International Media Week, which opened today

May 24,2024
The so-called reasonable products do not require everyone to choose the cheapest printing materials on the market, but have a unique set of equations. Excellent value for money = less wastage + less time investment + less rework + smooth work flow + high quality and stability.

May 24,2024
The printing equipment of Mei Cailong packaging products includes three Heidelberg four-color machines, two Heidelberg four-color four-color machines, five Heidelberg eight-color four-color machines.

Introduction to the classification of carton base paper for printing materials

May 24,2024

Publisher : Mike Dooley

Today, I will give you an introduction to the types of carton base paper commonly used in printed materials.

1: Corrugated base paper

The national standards are divided into four types: A-level, B-level, C-level, and D-level. Class D corrugated paper is basically eliminated by the market, and few manufacturers buy and use it.

2: Corrugated paper

a: Kraft cardboard (Mika, Eka). Features: long fiber, re-sizing, high physical strength, rough cardboard; pure wood pulp or a small amount of OCC. Abbreviation: imported cattle card.

b: Imitation kraft cardboard. Features: 15-25% wood pulp is hung on the surface, and the rest is OCC; the fiber is shorter and the strength is worse than that of cow cardboard. The paper surface is smooth, sizing in different degrees (water absorption ranging from 30-55g/m2), and surface dyeing treatment. Abbreviation: domestic cattle card.

c: White cardboard. White flour cattle card base, surface bleached wood pulp, the rest is natural or dyed wood pulp. (Russian white, Swedish white card, Finnish white card); white paper (surface bleached wood pulp, the rest is deinked or non-deinked waste paper); coated white paper (white on white, white on gray).

d: Recycled paper. All are composed of OCC, but different from corrugated paper. The surface is AOCC dried noodles above 11# and dyed). The market is generally called C-level boxboard paper, and some are called T paper.


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