SF-GL Developer Free CTP Plate

SF-GL Developer Free CTP Plate is designed to improve printing quality and production efficiency. It has excellent elasticity, suitable for high-speed printing, reduces rebound and vibration, and ensures the flatness and clarity of the printing results. At the same time, SF-GL Developer Free CTP Plate also improves ink transfer performance, achieving extremely smooth solid color and clear text printing.
Strong State SF-GL Analog Flexo Plates
Key Features
Holds the finest detail without the need to back mask
Quick wash out
Requires minimum impression settings, giving good balance between solids and screens

Image fidelity for high-end graphic and halftone reproduction at all gauges

No cupping allows for uniform impression at all process speeds

High resilience and good resistance towards mechanical impacts deliver excellent durability

Excellent ink transfer using water and alcohol-based inks

Suitable for labels, tags, flexible packaging, sacks, folding carton, films and so on

Technical specifications
Thickness (mm/inch) Hardness (Shore Å) Total Range(%) Screen Ruling(LPI) Minimum Isolated Line Minimum Isolated Dot
1.70/0.067 63 2 ‒ 95% 133 0.15mm 0.25mm
2.28/0.090 54 2 ‒ 95% 133 0.15mm 0.25mm


Recommended Processing Conditions
Thickness (mm/inch) Back Exposure (s) Main Exposure (mins) Wash out (mm/mins) Drying Time (h) Post Exposure (mins) Detack(mins)
1.70/0.067 10-30 6-12 140-180 1.5-2 5min 5min
2.28/0.090 15-35 6-12 140-180 1.5-2 5min 3min

*Run-Length varies with its printing conditions and imaging content

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