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May 24,2024
China Youth Daily Client Beijing, April 8th (China Youth Daily China Youth Daily reporter Zhou Wei) The reporter learned from the 10th Beijing Great Print Exhibition International Media Week, which opened today

May 24,2024
The so-called reasonable products do not require everyone to choose the cheapest printing materials on the market, but have a unique set of equations. Excellent value for money = less wastage + less time investment + less rework + smooth work flow + high quality and stability.

May 24,2024
The printing equipment of Mei Cailong packaging products includes three Heidelberg four-color machines, two Heidelberg four-color four-color machines, five Heidelberg eight-color four-color machines.

What printing materials are used for canvas bags

May 24,2024

Publisher : Mike Dooley

The printing of canvas bags should be monotonous. Basically, screen printing is used. And it's still manual silk screen printing, and the machine can't silk screen. At the same time, it can be silk-screened by hand or by machine.

First, let's talk about the printing ink of canvas bags from the viewpoint of waterproofing. There are two kinds of commonly used printing materials, one is water-based glue and the other is oil-based ink. From waterproof

If you look at these two materials from the point of view, the water-based glue is definitely not waterproof, and the color will fade easily when it gets wet. Therefore, for many bags that need to be exposed to water, water is not recommended

Sexual glue is used for printing materials. But oil-based ink can ensure that even if it is wet, the color will not fade if it is soaked in water. Therefore, on the one hand, oil-based inks are more advantageous.

Second, from an environmental protection point of view, water-based glue has more advantages than oil-based inks.

Thirdly, in terms of cost, water-based glue is a relatively high-end printing material. Similarly, it can also be called an environmental protection material. As for oil-based inks, because of its unenvironmental nature, it is not in line with the current national environmental protection policies. Naturally, its market will be smaller and the consumer population will be smaller


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