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How do offset press carry on maintain and maintain

How do offset press carry on maintain and maintain

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Some printing companies do not pay much attention to the maintenance and maintenance of offset printing equipment. Related enterprises should improve the maintenance of offset printing equipment awareness. To maintain and maintain the offset printing equipment, operators and maintenance should do the following maintenance points.
1. Firstly, the environment around the workshop where the offset printing equipment is placed should be kept clean and tidy to create a good working environment with a good atmosphere. In this way, all employees can be cultivated into a good habit of civilization and hygiene.
2. It is necessary to formulate and implement a set of equipment management rules, standardize and institutionalize the management of offset printing equipment, and strictly follow the safety technical operation process fundamentally.
3. Operators should be familiar with and understand the structure and performance of offset printing equipment, be able to use the equipment skillfully and correctly, and ensure that the machine can operate reasonably. If a fault is found, it must be eliminated in time.
4, learn to read the instruction for use of offset printing equipment, offset printing equipment of the electrical schematic diagram, etc., can grasp the basic good control part and host electrical transmission operation and maintenance, familiar with drawing knowledge engineering language, after have a certain operation ability to the offset printing equipment for repair, must not blindly remove offset printing equipment.
5. The maintainer shall establish a technical file for each offset printing equipment, and record the maintenance records and the faults in detail. Analyze the reasons and draw corresponding conclusions in order to accumulate maintenance experience.
6. The equipment should be lubricated regularly and quantitatively, because the speed of offset printing equipment is at the high speed of 5000 sheets/hour. The refueling can achieve two effects: one is cooling, the other is lubrication. It is better to make regular inspection to ensure unobstructed oil road, check the wear of main components and avoid sudden damage to the machine.
7. In order to eliminate the hidden danger of equipment accidents, it is also very important to carry out minor repairs. Spare parts of vulnerable parts should be well done, which can shorten the maintenance time without greatly affecting the work process. Do you know how to maintain the offset press now? Those who did not carry on the offset press equipment maintenance and maintenance of the printing plant attention, must be on its maintenance and maintenance, maintenance and maintenance can effectively improve the printing quality and to extend the offset press equipment life. Do it!